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Hi all,

As we all start preparing for 2012, now is the time to make sure you have your name, brand or prospective brand secured online. Whether you are an actor, fashion designer or a small business owner, owning your real estate online is golden!!

Even if you don’t get around to building your website until March, you can own your name for less than $10. Isn’t that better than finding out someone else has beat you to it and now wants to charge you hundreds or even thousand of dollars to get it back?

While there are many options, Go Daddy seems to be one that is widely used.

On January 15, 2012, VeriSign, the registry for .COM, will be increasing their prices by 7%. This increase will be passed on to all registrars, like Go Daddy, and ultimately to the end consumer like me and you.

To avoid paying this increase, renew or register your new domain names by  January 14, 2012 and select the best multi-year registration that works for you. This way you can lock in long-term savings for as long as possible. And you can save even more by using the discount code below (via the link).

So why not give yourself the gift of peace of mind and spend five minutes registering your name. Click -> Get up to 5 new .COMs, $5.99 per year for the 1st year!and start saving today.

*TIP: If you have a unique name (like mine) or a product with alternative spelling, consider purchasing the misspelling of your name as well. You can link it back to your domain with the correct spelling when you build the website. This way you don’t lose any eyeballs!!


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