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New Video! – Oh Em Gee!!! As if @mayainthe…

Oh Em Gee!!! As if @mayainthemoment couldn’t be more loveable, she just raised the bar & melted my #heart! Thank you soul sister for your kind words, your friendship & being a badass #powerlatina! Keep carrying that baton to new heights!!! Thank you for changing the world with YOUR light & inspire me to keep #runningforacause! #PowerLatinasUnite #Repost from @mayainthemoment

My amazing soulsista @xoxolizza has been running for important causes. She inspires me to be my own Power Latina! #PowerLatinas #RunLizzaRun

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Lizza Monet A sassy Latina born and raised in LA and NYC. I act, produce, host and enjoy blogging about life on and off set, beauty, fashion, tech, travel and philanthropy.