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New Video! – Mile 13 of #WeRunDC is dedica…

Mile 13 of #WeRunDC is dedicated to the #PowerLatina COLLEGE Graduate!! However, the best way to describe what this feels like, is to show you! I crossed the #finishline yesterday with my #PowerLatinas heart baton in hand, while @eminem’s #LoseYourself played on my Nano! Perfect timing to say the least. As the FIRST in my family to graduate #college & with an Ivy League education to boot, crossing THIS finish line reminded me of what 4 years of hard work and perseverance felt like the day my name was called on graduation!! Shout out to all the #Latinas who seek higher education! YOU make your families & our #Latino community proud!! Remember, no matter what, education is something NO ONE can ever take away from you! It’s your ticket to your #dreams, whatever they may be! #SiSePuede #IDidIt #Nike #Finisher #RunLizzaRun #PowerLatinasRun #NikeLatino

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Lizza Monet Lizza Monet Morales, aka @xoxolizza, is an award-winning actor, tv host, content creator, best selling author and motivational speaker in English and Spanish.

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