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#MailFairy Delivery – @Sheets Energy Strips

Mail Fairy Delivery: 

The timing of this mail fairy delivery couldn’t be better. As a girl-on-the-go, sometimes you need that little extra pick-me-up but aren’t necessarily in the mood for coffee. According to the packaging, using one of these strips I can ditch the can or cup of coffee and instead #takeasheet. It dissolves in seconds and provides energy for hours! On the flip side, if I’m having trouble sleeping, they have Sleep Sheets, which contain a blend of natural ingredients that ultimately make me want to go night-night!

I was introduced to this brand via a Twitter giveaway Sheets had promoting Mr. 305 ‘s starring “voice” role of ‘Bufo’ in the animated flick Epic.

And the answer was #Bufo! Congrats to @xoxolizza for being 1st to answer and making @pitbull proud! DM us for further details! #takeasheet

— Sheets (@Sheets) April 2, 2013

Just like I loving giving away my #LizzaGrams, it’s also pretty sweet winning something too!! Particularly when it’s something I can actually use. Check out my video below for a better look at the goodies inside.

May 27, 2013 | #mailfairy delivery- Shout out & thank U @Sheets 4 this fab gift box of #Sheets energy strips #swag ! by xoxolizza on

At first glance, I’m loving the different flavors available and how compact they are are.  Super easy to throw in your makeup bag, purse or even just the glove compartment of your car. Each box contains 8 individually wrapped “sheets”, which are available in the original formula and the “extra-strength” formula which packs twice the punch. Health bonus, they have zero calories and contain NO SUGAR!! Hip, Hip, Hooray!!

Aside from Pitbull, Serena Williams is among their celebrity fans. Check out who else Sheets here. You think if I send them a picture using my Sheets I can be added to this list as their first LATINA? LOL. Seriously though, let’s send them a tweet letting them know we’d like to see a Latina added to this list. 😀

I’ll be trying them out tonight for the first time before Downy‘s #LatinosImparables concert featuring Jesse Y Joy. After a long day of work and meetings, I’m hoping this will be the pick me I need.

Wanna give them a whirl? Sheets are sold at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, GNC !and other major retailers. You can also buy them online. Send me a tweet if you would like one of my coupons I received to try them out yourself.

Thank you again Sheets!!



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