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It’s official…

I’m cranking up my New Year’s resolution to blog daily and have entered the PostADay2011 challenge hosted by It’s taken my level of accountability to a different level. So rain or shine, I will be sharing my two cents for the world wide webs to enjoy every day in 2011…testing one, two, three..anyone out there?

Well, hopefully by December 31, 2011 there will be. 😉

Either way, I’ve decided I want to blog more. So here are the deets:

I know it won’t all be rainbows and jellybeans but it will be a a real account of what is currently inspiring me or making me swoon or resources and other goodies I think you would enjoy. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t born in a day”. So as I grow my blog in the coming months I will lean on The DailyPost, the community of other bloggers with similar goals and my readers to help me along the way. I’m equally excited to encourage and help the other crazy…I mean brave souls who have taken on this challenge!!

I have one personal request to make: If you happen to stumble upon my blog and enjoy what you read, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes and share it with a friend.

And of course, feel free to drop me a line directly. Just click “Contact Me” on the home page or send me a tweet @xoxolizza.



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Lizza Monet Lizza Monet Morales, aka @xoxolizza, is an award-winning actor, tv host, content creator, best selling author and motivational speaker in English and Spanish.

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