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#ItCanWait Girls Night Out

    I had the pleasure of joining fellow #LatinaBloggers for a much needed girls night out at Lucky Strike Lanes in Hollywood. Gal pals Monique Frausto, from Curves and Chaos, Carmen Melgoza, from Latino Fit Club and Martis Duarte from Mars Hair Studio were among the chicas I caught up while learning about AT&T’s #ItCanWait campaign.



    Did you know that texting while driving is involved is the cause of a 100,000 car accidents a year? I sure didn’t and finding out that many of these crashes result in serious injury or even death was a major eyeopener. On the surface, texting while driving seems so harmless. But after watching this video, I’ve realized that it is actually a pretty selfish act and that it only takes SECONDS to change someone’s life forever…including my own!

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m as addicted to texting, tweeting, posting, emailing and even making calls from my phone as the next girl. However, when I sit and think about it, not one of those activities is worth risking my life over or the lives of others! As a result, I’m proud to say I’ve taken the AT&T “no-texting-while-driving pledge” and hope you will join me too!!

    It’s super easy to sign up. Simply click here. When visiting the site, try your luck at the texting and driving simulator game and then share your personal reasons for taking the pledge with your social networks.

    Here’s one of my personal reasons for taking the pledge ->
    Send me a tweet with yours and use the hashtag #ItCanWait. I’ll pick one winner at random to receive the same AT&T “It Can Wait” giftbag we all received after a fun night of bowling, eating and gabbing with one another.

    Now, once you take the pledge, you might be wondering how you’ll stay accountable. Not to fear, there’s an app for that!! Regardless of which smartphone you have, you’ll be able to download the Drive Mode App onto it. Once you do the initial setup, the app turns on automatically anytime your car moves faster than 25mph. From there, anyone who tries to text or send email will receive an auto reply message telling them you’re currently driving and will get back to them soon. If the app is on and someone tries to call you, it will automatically he sent to voicemail. However, you do get a cheat around this feature. You can choose up to five phone numbers that will always get through directly and of course 911 calls are always allowed. Additionally, the app stops incoming sounds for texts, emails and voice calls. The hope is if you don’t hear the alert, you’ll be less likely to reach for your phone to investigate it. Who knows, you might even find you welcome the extra time you’ll now have in your hands while driving. Or may I suggest picking up an audio copy of one of my fave books, The Outliers, and listening to it while you drive? You’ll love the way Malcolm Gladwell breaks down the concept of success and who has it and why.

    Speaking of phones, check out my new Sony Mobile Xperia smartphone I won during our bowling night. Eek!!! A special shout out to the awesome Ana Flores & AT&T for the new phone. I hear it’s the same one James Bond uses. Oh, la, la, so fancy. And considering my iPhone 4s is rocking a nice crack on it, the timing couldn’t be better. Seriously!!! Okies, off to bed before the madness of #LATiSM13 fully kicks off.,

    Till next time,


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was invited to attend the event and learn about the campaign but all opinions are my own.

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