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HOW TO: Overcome Anything Like Tony Robbins

Usually when I am working into the night, I shut down all communication devices so I can get some productive work done.  This time I forgot to exit Entourage on my Mac and what do you know, my email notification pulled my attention from writing training modules for an affiliate system I am working on.

To my surprise, I received a gift from self-help legend Tony Robbins.  Okay, so it was not a personal email from Tony, but regardless he is a man of great value so when he send an email out to his list, I immediately check it out.  Tony was giving a heads-up on a video he put together just for the holiday season.  He talks about giving thanks and he also talks about some of the darkest moments of his life and how instantly he was able to turn any situation into a positive.

Tony was not always a $30 million per year man.  He had some pretty low points in his life where his parents split, had no money, was homeless and was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  You may be able to relate or even make this look like a tea party.

Picture 13Regardless, we all go through tough times.  It’s life.  The one who will overcome anything is the one who is willing to face the pain and struggle head on because they are not satisfied with mediocrity. You could be facing something that looks like the Great Wall of China and someone who has life experience may see it as walking over a speed bump.  It is all a matter of perception and how you respond, not react, to the situation.

Being a life teacher of these principal, Tony wanted to give away his five best tips for someone to overcome anything in their life.  I wanted to put a huge emphasis on these points as they have helped me as I overcame some pretty tough times.

Tony Robbins 5-Keys to Thrive:

Feed Your Mind

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?  I am guilty as charged for being the one who goes and checks his email every so often.  If you really think about it, we are giving our power away to the people on the other end of the communication channel.  What is even worse is when people reach for the newspaper, Google the news, turn on the TV, listen to the radio or any other broadcast of constant negative information.

I have never felt as good in my life then when I would spend one hour every morning reading and journalizing. I would begin each day on a positive note and I know that after I take care of me, I can begin to serve everyone else.  No matter how tough things may get, reach for a book.  You will find that every problem out there has been battled before.  And remember, as soon as you stop growing, you start dying.

Feed Your Body

We are a living species.  What kind of nourishment can we really get when we eat dead, processed foods?  Think about that.  Even Tony Robbins is a raw food activist.  By no means, do I want to influence your diet in any way.  In fact, I could care less what you put in your body.  As long as you are happy.  When you put bad foods in your body, it will cause disease, you will not be healthy and therefore it is quite difficult to be happy.

When you have the proper nourishment, you will be full of life and operating at your highest vibrations to overcome.  You also want to find a way to release energy stored in your body through strenuous exercise.  And I am not talking doing 7 push-ups.  I am talking about running until you want to faint or your feet bleed, whatever happens first.  I am talking about stretching your boundaries.  Even when times get tough, you don’t have to sit around an mope all day.  Get fired up and push yourself to the extreme.  I regularly feel that after my morning eats, read and run, there is nothing on earth that can bring me down.

Find a Role Model

Mentors speed up the learning curve for young entrepreneurs. The have gone through the gamut and know about the things you are facing.  What is powerful is that they can prove to you that thinks aren’t as bad as you think they are. .  Without them, I would be nowhere.  I actually have had many over the past 3+ years.  There will be times when these people pick you up even when you don’t believe in yourself.  It could even be a virtual mentor.  Someone out of a book or a video that becomes your role model and inspiration.  You can study and watch them from afar.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to them.  You never know what can happen.

Take Massive Action

At this point, it doesn’t really matter how much you know or how talented you are.  The fact that you don’t take action with trump it every time.  You can never go anywhere prominent in life if you pass up every opportunity you see.  Entrepreneurs who take action are different from risk takers.  Entrepreneurs take planned, calculated risks.  They do not make careless decisions, instead they think things through.  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe has said, “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”

Feed Your Spirit

When I am driving in my car, I just like to think in silence.  Sometimes I rock out, but others I reflect on how lucky I am just to be alive.  There have been so many time where I have pushed the limits of life.  To look upon what I am creating now and how many lives I am about to change gives me the chills every time.  I sit there and say “I am so grateful.”  And I will just repeat those words as I think of everything including the challenges I am facing in my life.  “How lucky I am to even have these problems” I can boldly remark.  Why are you grateful for?  I find the best way to bring up your spirits at a low point is not to receive a gift from someone, it is to give one.

There will always, always, always be people out there worse off than you.  Think about some of the ways you add value to someone’s life to where you can bring up their spirits when they are down.  I remember being on the Go-Giver Tour with two incredible young brothers (click the link to view the entire story).  We were driving from Florida to Chicago and midway into our trip we saw a young kid with his car broken down on the side of the highway.  We went to help him and he had already been sitting there for a while.

We found out he was hundreds of miles from home and he was out of gas and money.  It just so happened he left home originally to party and smoke pot with friends.  We had just enough money to get back home but Ivan and Emmanuel convinced me that we leverage our credit cards to help this kid out.  He really needing something uplifting in his life.  So we ended up getting him gas, lunch, cash in his pocket and my copy of the book The Go-Giver and sent him on his way back home.  He questioned why we helped him and broke down in tears.  He requested that he pay us back and we told him there is one way he could.  The next time he sees someone in a bad situation, he goes and helps them out.  I’d like to think that he did.

What works the best is when these five points come together in harmony.  One change in one area of your life will have a small effect, but a shift in all five areas will set you up to create long-lasting change.

Please watch the video for yourself here and tell me what you think of it below.

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