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How to handle disappointment when it comes knocking…

It’s day 3 of my 365 blogging challenge!! Today’s entry is about truly understanding that everything happens for a reason. I know at this time of year people all over the world are busy making ” resolutions” about they will and will not do in the next 365 days. By day 3 into every new year, more than half of those who started off with a bang have lost their fizzle and fall off. As my third day begins to come to a close I realize that the reason this may be the case is because people become disappointed when things don’t go exactly as planned. However, what I’m realizing is that it’s more important to push through any initial disappointment you first encounter when building a new habit and keep forging on. It takes the body, like the moon, 21 days to form a habit. Keeping that in mind, just like the moon we must go through our individual cycles of change that always come when building a new habit. So what’s important is not the end result but rather the journey of disciplined action through each one of those days to building up to the new habit or “the new moon”

What are your tips for habit building?

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