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Get your Gleek on…

your nails that is.

OPI has teamed up with Sephora to create a “Glee”-themed nail polish collection. The polishes will all be available at and Sephora stores nationwide starting February 3, 2011.

Apparently Fox has been working with Sephora since last summer to create the tv-show inspired collection. Though I am really surprised that they didn’t include a yellow one considering that is such a big part of the Glee branding.

Much like  “The Glee Project” , the upcoming reality show on Oxygen searching for the next Glee star, they should have held some sort of contest to name some of these colors. Because let’s be honest, who wants to tell people they are wearing “Who Let The Dorks Out” green or “The Celibacy Club” topcoat? Hmmm, get back to me on that one will ya. 😉


Here’s the quick rundown of the nail polish names and corresponding colors:

  • ”Hell to the No” = purple shade that pops
  • “Gleek Out” = glittery lime green
  • “Slushied” = sheer light blue
  • “Who Let the Dorks Out” = emerald green
  • “Miss Bossy Pants” = rich raspberry
  • “Diva-in-Training” = bright pink
  • “Express Yourself to Yourself” = coral shimmer
  • “Sue vs Shue” = navy blue
  • “Mash-Up” = green gray blend
  • “Celibacy Club” = Sheer glittery top coat

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