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A Whole New World Is Unveiled – Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora FINALLY Launches

Since watching this teaser video back in January, I’ve been dying to get my hands on the Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora!! This is the second in the “Princess” series and comes hot on the tails of the successful Disney Cinderella Collection. It’s rumored that Princess Ariel will be next but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Though I must admit, I already have. LOL!!In the meantime however, we have some exciting products in the Disney Jasmine Collection to keep us busy.

I had the pleasure of attending the line’s launch party earlier this week at the Sephora inside South Coast Plaza. It goes without saying that I totally felt like a kid in a candy store.

We were treated to a Princess Jasmine inspired eye-makeover using the colors from one of the two eyeshadow palettes. The look was topped off with black liquid eyeliner to recreate Princess Jasmine’s signature winged eye.

We were then escorted over to a pop up nail station where we could pick one of the six nail polish colors exclusively designed by OPI for the collection. Arianna and Gabby were the two nail technicians on hand to minimize the waiting time. Let me tell you, they both were rocking some killer nail art designs so I felt I was in great hands.

SIDENOTE* I actually wanted to bring Arianna home with me and keep her in a little bottle and let her be my daily nail genie. Is that weird? Seriously though, if you are in the Orange County area you should totes book an appointment with her and you’ll see what I mean. (And if the FCC is reading this, no I don’t know her or is this sponsored. I just really love seeing women following their passion because it shows in their work. And of course I love that they were both LATIN!!)

Annndddd we’re back. So Gabby, who did my nails, was sweet enough to let me mix two colors: ‘All That Jasmine’ which as you can see below is a rich jade color and ‘Dream Princess’ which is the glittery color I chose to use as a topcoat. I really like the combo. What do you think? (Send me a tweet or post a picture on Instagram of your favorite Spring nail color combo using #LizzaGram)

Jasmine Colors20130330-132020.jpg

I just loooovveee the fun names they came up for each item in this entire collection. The colors are supposed be reminiscent of a princess’ jewels.


Shades include: Berry Tale Romance (vibrant orchid), Your Wish Is My Command (soft lilac), Fit For Royalty (deep plum), Dream Princess (glittering cinnabar), Aladdin’s Girl (shimmery berry-copper) and All That Jasmine (rich jade).

Leave it to Disney to think of every last detail. Each product comes with a saying marked on the outside of the box.

The one for the mini nail polish set is “Wish For More Wishes”. How cute is that?

If that wasn’t spoiling enough, they also had Kimberly Rae L. Kha on hand who is a real life Disney Animator. As a gift with purchase, you received your very own Princess Jasmine sketch to take with you as well as a colored in one (which you can see above in the pic with my nails).

Here is the one Kimberly made for me.


EEK! My inner 7 year old was doing a happy dance and I was doing all I could from jumping out of my skin and joining her. Lol! It legit took her only a few minutes to whip this out.


I was beyond impressed not only by Kimberly’s talent but how sweet and humble she is. Can you believe she is only one of two female sketch artists in her whole department?! Talk about girl power. You can see more of the fabu work she does by visiting her blog here.

I was sad to see my visit through Sephora’s Askabah inspired haven come to the end but they made sure to send us off with a smile. I received the coolest head tiara (which I totally plan on wearing on my birthday next month) as a parting gift. Sweet, right?


Don’t worry, my momma raised me right. 😀 I also picked up one to giveaway so you too can channel your inner Princess Jasmine. Scroll down for the deets. 😀

So after playing with the collection first hand, here are my favorite picks. 
Beautysets - A Whole New World - Princess Jasmine Collection

Now bring the magic of Disney’s Jasmine Collection for Sephora home:


A Whole New World Perfumed Body Shimmer ($45)
“Illuminate the possibilities”


Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Volume 2 Jasmine Edition ($55)

“You’re only in trouble if you get caught” (Who knew Jasmine was such a troublemaker)

Open a world of beauty possibilities with this luxurious eyeshadow palette complete with 15 different shadows, a blush and bronzer, each inspired by original shades from the movie.Shades include:
Blue Oasis – Jasmine’s outfit (light turquoise)
Trust Me – Jafar’s staff (coppery pink shimmer)
Abu – Abu’s skin (light shimmery brown)
Ali Ababwa – Prince Ali’s cloak (neutral nude)
Sultana – The Sultana’s skin (shimmery pinky-tan)
Friend Like Me – The Genie (blue shimmer)
Master – Jafar’s headpiece in the night light (plum satin)
Cosmic – When the palace reappears (pale copper shimmer)
Cave of Wonders – Inside the Cave of Wonders (golden yellow)
Sand in the Glass – The desert sand (light shimmering sand)
Lapis – Jasmine’s jewel on her tiara (rich blue)
Mystical Wonder – Magic Carpet in the cave light (vibrant purple)
Raja – The tiger’s fur (burnt orange)
Arabian Sunset – The sunset over the palace (shimmering coral)
Bazaar – The marketplace in the daylight (chocolate shimmer)
Thrilling Chase – Jasmine playing coy in the moonlight (blush)
Golden Sands – Desert sands at night (bronzer)


Sephora by OPI One is Never Enough Nail Lacquer Set ($24.50)

“Wish for more wishes”


The Palace Jewel Compact Mirror ($20)
“Made you look”

Move over Disneyland, Sephora has taken the lead as the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH for makeup addicts worldwide!!It was a great event and overall I would say there were some great selections in the collection that would make a great addition to your personal collection.However, I did find the price point for some of these a little ridiculous. I don’t know about you but $42 for an eyeliner set of 3 is bit cray-cray. I get that’s it’s limited addition and all but Sephora you don’t have to gauge our wallets in the process either. Sheesh! Don’t worry, I still love you though.

Okies, gotta go!! Now if only I could find my Aladdin and ride off in the sunset on our magic carpet ride! LOL!

Happy Shopping!!



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