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The Lowdown On Facebook’s Timeline

Lizza Monet Morales' photo EEK! Facebook's new timeline is NOW available to everyone! You can either switch over today & take advantage of the 7 day lead time they gave you to make changes to your privacy settings, delete old content, etc OR wait till 12/21 when FB will turn on TIMELINE automatically for ya..right as Chanukah is in full swing and we're all still out buying last minute gifts for Christmas. So avoid the headache and just make the switch now by visiting: and click "Get It Now"

Here's a quick review of the CHANGES:

1) You get to channel your inner Anna Wintour and play magazine editor and pick the large "cover" photo for the top of your profile (I attached my "inaugural" cover as an example) Note: It seems like you can't upload a new one but instead have to choose from the ones in your album. 

2) Your "wall" is now split in two with a line down the middle. You can totally click back to your old posts and add new content, if you are so inclined to rewrite your past. ;) 

TIP: The icons on each post, let you easily "check" how visible that particular post (aka content) is!

If you see a Globe = PUBLIC to anyone...including your future ex'es. ;) If you see an icon with 2 People = this content can only be seen by FRIENDS  And if you see the Gear icon = you have CUSTOM set the visibility to this content to be seen (or not seen) by specific people or friend lists.  

*Of course you can always go back and change these settings on any of your posts.

3)Your photos now appear cropped at the top and bottom on your Timeline. 
TIP: If you want a particular post/photo "featured" on your Timeline, meaning it will take up both columns, then all you do is hover that particular post or photo and click the star! Sadly, the photo will still be cropped..booo.....until it's clicked on, then it pops up into full view.  Speaking of photos, your "cover" photo at the top of your profile is also cropped (though you can at least play with where it gets cropped..a little anyway) but just click it and it will pop up into full view as well.  

4) Not so much a change..but an added feature I thought was hysterical..if you click on "born" it shows a baby and your can even add that fantastically embarrassing photo of you naked in your bathtub at 6 months your mom likes to show the world...oh wait, is that just me? 

For more 411 on what's new with the Timeline and how to customize it to your liking...or as close as possible...visit -> to read a great article by The Next Web or if you more time on your hands check out Mashable's  Facebook Timeline Guide here ->
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